Advice for behind monitor background lighting

Hey all, working form home more and bought a large new monitor. Trying to reduce eye strain and looking for some behind the monitor ambient background lighting. Like everything I’d like to integrate it with openHAB so I wanted to ask the community for options others may be using.

I’ve looked at a few LED strips, but most seem way too long for what I’m looking for. Any ideas?

Make them yourself.
Use WLED software on ESP device like Wemos D1

Its super cheap and easy to make. You can get 5 meters WRGB for 28 euros.
If the strips are short (like 60-100 leds per strip) they can be powered by the Wemos only.
With wled you can customise all the leds individually, add them to openhab via mqtt or connect them to the wled app.

BTW, you can just cut the strip for how long you want them.