Advice for new install

Hi all

I know this type of question has been asked loads of time, but I struggled to find existing threads with the information I need, so be gentle :slight_smile:

I am looking to setup an openHAB system to control a few things, initially:

Plug sockets

I would later like to extend it to include:

Home AV
CCTV Integration
General appliances.

I have no existing infrastructure, and am finding the many different options hugely confusing.

I would also like to control the system with Amazon Echo etc, if possible.

I am thinking best to start with light switches, but where to start?

Thanks in advance.

Take a look at the existing bindings and choose the hardware which suits your needs:

Also you might want to have a look at the demo:

Thanks, I forgot to mention, I did take a look at that list.

Only issue, its very difficult to identify which is a “standard” and which it just supports.

for example, I know Z wave is a standard, supporting many devices, same with X10.

Amazon dash on the other hand, is just a one off device.As its a very long list,anywhere I can get a bit more guidance?

Hi @alexanderfitu, a few pointers:

  • It depends where you are, for example if you are in te US you have the choice of Lutron which you don’t elsewhere…
  • I would look at compatible technologies (Zwave, Insteon, RF via rfxcom, X10, etc) and look at the prices functionality and look of available devices.
  • I would search the forums per technology and see which are more popular/discussed
  • You can mix technologies!

I have legacy X10, RF stuff and Zwave. I would recommend Zwave since the network is meshed and you can extend further than with other technologies. Rfxcom is a good investment since you may be able to control or read a bunch of stuff you already own (thermometers, blinds…) and you may have less expensive options too. I would stay away from X10 if you have none.


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Definitely a good choice … I’m using it too and am very satisfied with it.

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Thanks! I am based in the UK and have some X10 experience from 5-10 years ago. Obviously stuff has moved on.

Mesh networking sounds good, I will start looking at some of that kit.

Good point about mixing technologies. I suppose I will need a gateway for each technology to bridge it into the network?

Yes, for Zwave you will need a dongle, several are available, for X10 you may be able to use rfxcom (will interact only via rf, no power line) depending on wether you have a device that will bridge from rf to pl, otherwise there are a couple of bridges you can control with mochad. Keep in mind that only plugged (to the mains) Zwave devices will be able to extend the mesh.