Advice needed for spot lights

Hi All,

I’m about to finish my rebuild of my shed. In the edge of the roof I would like to add three or four RGB(W) spots, which I would like to be able to control from my openhab. Either manual, or by a scene or rule.
I’m looking around which led spots to buy and which controller to use, which is Openhab compatible. So far no luck really. Is there anyone who can point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance,

The controller depends on the technology chosen. Look at the binding page for the specific technology chosen (e.g. zwave) and that page will list the supportrd hardware and requirements.

I understand, but reading the zwave binding en searching info, eg the fibaro rgb controller, the commands are not supported in the current binding. Hence im looking for an alternative. Eg rfxcom maybe, but open for any suggestion. Also which led spots to buy…