Advice on the best Garden Watering System?

I am considering investing in a garden watering system, and I am looking for expert advice on which way to go.

Yes, I know that there are already threads relating to different garden watering solutions on this forum. But I decided to create this new thread to try to elicit neutral advice about those pros and cons of the various solutions previously posted.

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Advice? No, but i can tell you what i am building at the moment.

I am using the OpenSprinkler Hardware with a raspberry pi 3. The OepneSprinkler controls six hunter valves and a well pump. I intend to install about 250m of pipes and about 15 sprinklers, two water outlets and some microdripping. If someone is interessted i will give some more details maybe in another thread about my progress


Hi Dibbler,

I’m planing to go for OpenSprinkler, too, maybe next year. But I still have not decided what valves I’m going to use (price, quality, reliability…) and other details. I’d be interested in your setup once you got it running.

Another option I’m looking for is a capacitive soil moisture sensor that is maybe PV-powered and has a sort of wireless communication. I havent come across this yet.

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I will setup a new thread about this and add all the things step by step

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Hi Andrew, I really like my Rachios though to be fair I don’t manage or control them with openHAB. It’s probably the best IOT device I’ve every had.