Advice on upgrade/installation


I’ve had my openHAB installation running on a Raspberry Pi for 2-3 years, basically only using a Tellstick binding to collect sensor data and control some switches.
It has more or less been online since since the initial install, without any problems, and only added a few more sensors and switches. And without any problem, it hasn’t needed any updates before :wink:

Now I thought it would be about time to do some long overdue updates, since I plan to start using it for more. But since it’s such old version, I wonder if it’s worth to upgrade/migrade or easier to simply reinstall fresh? I believe I’m using version 1.7.1, so older than the 1.8.x version the migration guide talks about…

The Tellstick binding looks like it should work without a problem, I’m only concerned about the sensor data which is persisted in a mysql.
My rule-scripts I assume I will have to rewrite either way.

Would the best course be to simple reinstall everything? Or still worth while to upgrade my installation?

You will have to reinstall everything anyway. The migration is just moving your existing configuration to OH 2. But this is frankly also true to migrate from 1.7.1 to 1.8.3 (the last version of OH 1.x that there will ever be).

There is enough similarity in the things that matter between 1.7 and 1.8, if memory serves me, that you should be able to follow the migration tutorial to 2.x without any problems. If not please feel free to ask and we will do our best to help.

If desired you can run your existing 1.7 config with only minor changes on OH 2 and not have to adopt any of the new OH 2.x features should you so choose. Just stop halfway through the Migration Tutorial before it talks about moving from 1.x version binding to the equivalent 2.x version of that binding.

Well moving slowly, I started by updating/upgrading my raspian which also automatically took me to 1.8.3 of OH.
But I realized I also want to move from Wheezy. So now trying to decide if I should get a new sd card and install there, to keep the old installation intact. Or simply backup everything and format my current card.
In either way I assume I can still follow the upgrade instructions. But for my persistant data, that I plan to simply export everything from the DB, can I just import it back once it’s all setup or will the database look different? At least I assume that all my items might have new/different IDs?
And it sounds nice and easy to use openHABian, or are there any drawbacks in using that when moving from 1.x?

The database should be identical assuming you do not change the name of any items during your migration. The item name is the id.

I would probably keep the old SD card around as a backup so if it takes longer than one sitting to build up the new system or you run into trouble all you have to do is swap cards.

There are no drawbacks to using openHABian when migrating to 2 and I highly recommend it.