AeoLabs Multisensor 6 manual calibration


Does anybody now how to manually calibrate the latest z-wave multisensor by AeoTech (Multisensor 6)? It has a manual calibration option for temperature, humidity, luminance and uv under configuration parameters, however it is not clear to me what kind of values have to be set here. Googling I found some suggestions, but none seem to work.



Did you figure this out? The parameters can be added in habmin. You would need a reading of the respective parameters that you trust to be able to add a calibration factor.


Yes, I installed the latest zwave-binding.




for the manual calibration you have to edit the offset in parameter 201 - 204 in OpenHAB.

One Exable for the parameter 201 temperatur calibration. If the sensor read 18.5 °C and it is 20.1 °C you insert the value 16 in the parameter 201 ( a value of 10 = 1 °C, 100 = 10 °C). If the sensor reads a higher value you can correct it with “-” values too.

Luminance: if measured value is 800 lux and the standard value is 750 the calibration value is “-50”


Hi there

im trying to do exactly this, using -x.x to set values, seeing as its now decimal (mine read 5-6 above normal) so im using -5.6 and for some reason the sensor wont update

Has anyone got some tricks to get these updated? Mine are on 1.10 firmware