Aeon DSC06106 Smart Energy Switch Power Meter no reports on consumption change

I have quite a few Z-Wave Aeon DSC06106 Smart Energy Switches, they are remote relays that include energy monitors.
They have the capability to send usage values to the controller when the power consumption change crosses a threshold set by configuration parameters.

I have managed to set them so that they will report usage (Watts) on a set interval but I cant get them to report immediately when the usage changes.

I have tried a lot of combinations of settings but currently I have (set via HABmin):
Config Parameter \ Value \ Description
1 \ Power \ "Multilevel Sensor Report Content"
80 \ Basic CC Report \ "Automatic Notifications"
90 \ Enable \ "Enable\disable Parameter 91 and 92"
91 \ 1 \ "Minimum change in wattage"
92 \ 1 \ "Minimum change in wattage %"
101 \ Multisensor Report \ "Group 1 report"
102 \ Meter Report (kWh) \ "Group 2 report"
103 \ None \ "Group 3 report"
111 \ 5 \ "Interval Group 1"
112 \ 5 \ "Interval Group 2"
113 \ 5 \ “Interval Group 3”

All other config params at default.

With the above settings I get a report of the Wattage every 5 seconds but if I adjust the load then I still have to wait 5s before the update comes through. Similarly if I update the time interval to 20s but make a change a few seconds after the last update, I still have to wait the remainder of the 20s interval to see the update.

I have tried lots of different settings including using Hail for parameter 80 and Voltage for parameter 1 in various different configurations but I can never get the update to trigger on change in load and always have to wait for the interval to expire.
I have also tried following the settings described as working in [this thread] ( relating to the same device on the ISY but still no luck.

I have made sure that the openHAB Controller is selected as the target of Status Reports in the Association Groups section of HABMin.

I have tried restarting OpenHAB after configuration updates.

I am running OH 2.2 release build and the 2nd Jan version of the Security enabled Z-wave binding from @chris here: OH2 Z-Wave refactoring and testing... and SECURITY
I have a gen 5 Aeon Z-stick as the controller

Has anyone got these threshold-triggered updates to work with these devices and OpenHAB? If so, what config params are you using?