Aeon Labs Home Energy Monitor Gen5 - database error?

The model code is ZW095. I’m using single phase (one clamp)

So I want to change the parameter 101, but it seem not match with cd-jackson database -

You can see you can go to 2147483648 decimal value but cd-jackson database’s Allowable Range able up to 65535.

And why is that Clamp 3 parameter missing?

After deeper look, look like suppose clamp 3 missing from parameter,

Anyway, which should I set the 101/111 parameter value for automatically everything (whole or one clamp) updates every sec?

My bad I forgot to set the Association Groups. Now it is work realtime updating.

I still think the parameter limit is wrong from the database, you should able allow over 65535 for parameter 101,102,103.
but luckily I have one clamp so set the value 15 will be fine.

can you configure it now correctly?
I am thinking about buying it too, would you mind giving a little review?