AEON Labs Smart Dimmer 6 not in DB?


I just attempted to add an AEON Labs Smart Dimmer 6 to my Z-wave network. It was found and I added it, but it isn’t identified properly. Manufacturer ID and such is recognized, though:

Manufacturer: 0086 "AEON Labs"
Type/ID: 0003:0063
Firmware esrion: 0.0

The OpenHAB help texts suggests it’s missing in the DB and that I should raise an issue, so that’s what I’m doing. Can I fix this by editing the config files myself or do I need too wait for an update/patch?

The controller is an UZB, and OpenHab is the latest stable version (2.1) running on an Windows 10 box. Everything works fine, including other AEON Z-wave products.

It seems that ZW099 is already included in the Z-Wave database:

Maybe try to delete the thing, remove the /var/lib/openhab2/zwave/nodeX.xml and try to discover it again…

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:slight_smile: ok thanks I was just doing that and yes. It worked. Perhaps that should be one suggestion in the help text, but I don’t know where to post that idea - new here.

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The correct place to capture this info would be:
More specifically:

To contribute to the docs development, see:

Welcome to the openHAB world (where documentation is always in need of improvement :slight_smile:)