Aeon Labs ZW100 Multisensor 6 issues

Hi community,

I am having issues with my ZW100 Multisensor 6, getting OFFLINE and not reporting values as expected.

I have two of the sensors, both USB powered. The one closer to the controller (node 8) gets picked up quite OK but the other one (node 7) seems to be more flaky. I have Aeon Z-stick Gen 5 controller (ZW090).

This used to work much more reliably but have been having the issues in the past 2 months after moving to the OH3. I am running the setup now on Raspi4.

The node8 sensor is positioned roughly mid-way between problematic node 7 and the controller. There is little walls etc. between the nodes.

How to troubleshoot this issue? Would disconnect and re-connect help? I have read some of the guides here in the forums and have for example removed the dead nodes from the stick. From the logs I can see polling is enabled, should I remove it alltogether to “reduce the bandwidth” (ref)?

I am also planning to sniff the radio zwave traffic but that will take some time still.

I am pasting the 2h log capture of the problematic sensor (node 7), and the snippet of the working one (node 8).

node 8 (working well, ZW100, usb powered):

node 7 (working unreliably, ZW100, usb powered):

network map:
network map

node 7 info:

node 8 info:

log file (zip-compressed) (882.7 KB)