Aeotec bulb ZWave questions


I recently bought an Aeotec ZWave Bulb. It’s working great, both dimmer and color channel, but I’ve a few questions I’d like to get clarified:

  1. The brightness channel on HSB does not seem to work for me. So, is not possible to control dimming through the color_color channel? I can only do either 0 or 100. Any value in between just turns on the light at the dimming level set on the switch_dimmer channel. Is this the expected behaviour?
  2. Given the above, is it OK to switch off the bulb via color_color channel, providing brightness value equal to 0? May this harm the bulb and should I always use switch_dimmer=OFF/0 instead?

thanks in advance.

How are you controlling it? Please post your Item definition and relevant Rules and/or Sitemap entries.

This is fine. It shouldn’t harm the bulb or anything like that. Under the covers it might do that anyway when you send OFF or 0.

Thanks, yes my bad not posting the details from the beginning. This is the items definition:

Dimmer	lampara_mesa_entrada	"Lampara Entrada [%d %%]"	    <dimmablelight> (luces, entrada, zwave, persist)										{ channel="zwave:device:controller:node9:switch_dimmer" } 
Color   lampara_mesa_entrada_color "Lampara Entrada Color [%s]" 				(luces, color, entrada, zwave, persist) 			[ "Lighting" ]		{ channel="zwave:device:controller:node9:color_color" }	

And the simple commands I’m sending as part of a rule, but also have been trying on Karaf:

smarthome:send lampara_mesa_entrada_color 60,100,100

No matter what I put as the B value, it’s only OFF (if 0) or ON (100% brightness) if anything else.

I use these lights, they do indeed work, and the Color channel does support values other than 0 & 100. Here is an example of how I set them in a rule. Note the quotes.

Rule setting
sendCommand(Lt_Kitchen_Sink_Color, "240,100,55")

Item definition
Color Lt_Kitchen_Sink_Color "Kitchen Sink Light Color"

I link the Color Channel to the Color Item.


Thanks @Toneus, do you also have the channel “switch_dimmer” linked? Maybe the problem is having both of them at the same time. I’m gonna try now.

Yes, it too is linked, but to a different item.

Same here, linked to different items as stated above. If on HSB colours B means “brightness” shouldn’t:

0,100,100 mean RED 100% bright


0,100,50 mean RED 50% bright? Maybe I’m getting the HSB color schema wrong, but both commands produce the same output. I need to change the bright on a different command passing the brightness %:

smarthome:send lampara_mesa_entrada_color 0,100,100
smarthome:send lampara_mesa_entrada_color 0,100,50

Both produce the same output (100% brightness red). I need to

smarthome:send lampara_mesa_entrada_color 25

In order to change brightness.

Sorry if these questions are basic but they are new for me and have not been able to find anything on the forum.

That’s my understanding. I use the online color pickers, and the 3rd number is indeed brightness.

What does the bulb do in your Widget of the Paper UI Control? Mine does indeed dim the bulb. But by dim the bumb, I mean it creates a deeper color. Full bright just makes the color washed out and it becomes white.

Here is the Color Picker from the Panel UI. Note that the L or 3rd pane just makes the bulb go to full bright (right) and look white.

Ikea is coming with a Tradfri RGB E27 bulb soon. In stock at some stores:

More …