Aeotec Dimmer unit wont discover

HI All,

Ive setup the MQTT event but to stop the issues with a single zwave system and socat/ser2net. So far, its working really well

To do so, I moved the working stick with all the working devices into a new 2.4.0 Stable system with the same Zwave binding as the other system.

All the devices rediscovered and downloaded their XML without an issue except for ONE

ZW111, Aeotec Dimmer of which I have a few in the house. This one is a Firmware 2.3 though, the others are 2.2 firmware. But given the same OH versions and the same Binding it should work.

I tried heals, restarts, copying over the XML from the working system, reinilisation you name it. Wont detect!

Does anyone know why this would occur and what I can do to fix it? It seems to initialise and download the XML though

Heres a debug under the command reinitlisation under Habmin

Node26.txt (83.1 KB)


Both database entries (up to firmware 2.2 & 2.3+) have been updated since 2.4. The zwave developer has been recommending for some time to update to a later binding since 2.4 is almost a year old.
The latest testing version is 2.5 rc1 and 2.5 stable is scheduled to be released on December 15.

Im on the 2.5 version of the binding, have been for over 12months.

Which 2.5 version?
I believe the “firmware 2.3+” entry was updated 16 days ago. 2.5rc1 should have the latest changes.

But it works on the same binding version from my other system as I mentioned…

It was first added to the database on 22nd of August 2019.
Device type and id 0203:006F were added two days later.

Then you are the only one who can solve this. If it works on one system and not on the other system just find the difference between the two systems :laughing:

Weird weird stuff. Been running for AGES! discovered AGES ago, yet won’t run. Update the binding to the build from 1 day ago, works.



Again: your device was added about 3 month ago, can’t be ages :grinning:

Let me rephrase it. It was working up until 2 days ago when I moved the z stick to a new machine and copied the binding. I’m not making this shit up.