Aeotec Doorbell

Hello! I just recently purchased an Aeotec Doorbell Gen5 ( and have it configured to play a sound when a door contact opens. This works great.

I would like to change parameter 2 to make it so it only plays the sound once, instead of the default (twice). HABmin does not have the parameters listed, so I cannot change it there. How can I edit this parameter?

Switch sw_doorchime "Door Chime" (g_doors) {zwave="13:command=SWITCH_BINARY"}


Thanks in advance!

Then there must be a problem with the database. Does your device show the device name in HABmin? If not, we need to update with the new IDs for your device. If yes, do other config parameters show?

It doesn’t show the name. Thanks for your help!

Is there something I should be adding somewhere, or will you add it to the database on my behalf? Sorry, I’m new to this.


The issue isn’t with the database - the problem is that OH is not communicating with your device. The manufacturer, type, and ID are all 0 which indicates something went wrong during the initialisation, and the heal status shows that it also failed, so there appears to be an issue with the device that you need to resolve before we worry about the database.

If comms is working ok, then there should be an option in habmin to reinitialise the device - you can try this for starters…

I used HABmin to heal the node and here it is as of this morning:

Firstly, it looks like the heal isn’t working - it’s still in PING state…

However, heal will not solve a problem that happened during initialisation so you should reinitialise the device.

I have the same device and I have it up and working. I am able to send configuration commands by creating items fot for those configuration parameters.

I can change the volume, etc. But when I try to change config parameter 2, the log says that the configuration parameter doesn’t exist or isn’t supported, I don’t recall the exact nomenclature.

I would try habmin but it seems to be broke in 1.8.2 as far as z wave goes. Any thoughts as to why I can’t write to parameter 2?

You should use the snapshot of 1.9.0. It’s not HABmin that is broken, but the database in 1.8.2 so it really shouldn’t be used.

Either because 1.8.2 database is broken, or because the ZW056 configuration doesn’t include this parameter. I’ll update the ZW056 with the OH2 config file tonight.

When I add a Aeotec Doorbell DW056 via Z-Stick Gen 5, OH2 snapshot using the Z-Wave binding reports unknown device. The default configuration made defaults to a switch, rather than toggle. Is this the correct place to report this (I am new around here).