Aeotec issues (doorbell, 2 x multisensor 6)

Hi Group.
I managed to get all four devices recognized via the Paper UI.

The Aeotec Z-Stick is also recognized.

There are number of issues. I do not see Node 7 (doorbell) or Node 8 (2nd multisensor) in the openhab log files.
I do see Node 2 (1st multisenor) in the log file.

As you can see the 1st multisensor (Node 2) reports most values from the sensor except for the Binary Sensor and the Burglar Alarm. The Battery Level report 50% yet it is a new battery. The Ultraviolet sensor report 0.0.

The 2nd multisensor (Node 8) reports all 0.0 values.

The doorbell rings but I see nothing in the log files when the doorbell is triggered.

Any ideas would help.

Thank you.

Multi-Sensor 6 (Node 2):

Multi-Sensor 6 (Node 8):

Doorbell (Node 7):


luminance and ultraviolet is most likely 0 because the sensor is inside and the values are just really low, setting the luminance threshold value small could help, if i remember correctly this value is a little bit high for a sensor inside a house/flat not looking directly towards a window.

Set the log level to DEBUG, restart OH, set the non working devices to factory reset (have they been included before and maybe not excluded correctly?) and try to include. If the don’t work look at the logs and post here.