Aeotec LED Bulb 6 in database?

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(Scott Rushworth) #61

A manual install of the binding will not install the dependencies. In this case, you’re missing the openhab-transport-serial. You can manually install this using…

feature:install openhab-transport-serial

Or you can use my script, which you could also use to upgrade the binding, and would have removed the install that was done through Paper UI, and that old OH 1.x (I didn’t notice that) version all in one go…


(Lorenzo Leonelli) #62

Yes it seems everithing is fine with z-wave bindings of OH2.4 that my Openhabian installed from Paper UI, it was my mistake from the beginning in trying with other bindings !
Sorry for my mistake and thank you for your time !


(Derek Colley) #63

I managed to get the Aeotec 6 multi white added with 4 settings:

  1. Dimmer
  2. Scene number
  3. Color Temperature
  4. Color

Controlling the Dimmer with a switch seems to work as expected - ON / OFF
Controlling the Dimmer with a slider 0-100 also seem to work - dimmer control

Controlling Color Temperature with a slider yields random changes - nothing consistent
(I tried 2700-6500 as a value range, but it doesn’t work)
Controlling Color with a slider yields random changes - nothing consistent

Is there any documentation or tutorial on how these sliders/controls [should] work together?


(SiHui) #64

I’m using the color with a color itemtype, the color temperature with a dimmer itemtype.
On the sitemap: color itemtype as colorpicker, dimmer itemtype as slider.
At least works with HUE without any problems.