Aeotec LED Bulb 6 in database?

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(Bret Thompson) #1

I don’t see this product in the Z-Wave database. Could it be added, or is already there?

(Chris Jackson) #2

Of course - see the instructions here -:

(Bret Thompson) #3

I signed up for an account (same username), but I’m not privileged enough to have the “Add” button. But I’m not sure I am the best person to add the data, as I am fairly new to Z-Wave and OpenHAB. Attached are 2 XML files:

(Chris Jackson) #4

I’ve updated your access…

I will take a quick look at adding this. It will likely require some TLC once done and it would be great if you can tidy it up (it won’t require any technical knowledge).

(Chris Jackson) #5

Ok, I’ve created the database entry - as above, it needs a little TLC to tidy it up before I can import it into the binding -:

Please can you take a look at this? Once the errors are removed I’ll get it added to the binding (I will likely do an update later tonight).


(Bret Thompson) #6

I think I got it all, but I don’t know how to resolve these 2:

  • Parameter 81 is limited to options, but there is only 1 option.
  • Parameter 82 is limited to options, but there is only 1 option.

I think for both of these you are supposed to be able to enter any number between the min and max.

(Chris Jackson) #7

Correct - I’ve updated the config - there is an option called “allow free entry” and this needed to be checked to allow user input.


(Bret Thompson) #8

After you do the update, to get this device do I need to be on the snapshot version of OpenHAB?

(Chris Jackson) #9

Correct - I’ll try and do the update in a few hours, then once it’s built you need to update to the latest snapshot.

(Cal Evans) #10

Is the database containing this device now included in the latest snapshot version?

(Chris Jackson) #11

Sorry - no. I’ve been tied up over the past 2 days since it was added but I will do a database update tonight.

(Cal Evans) #12

No worries. I work a lot in open source software. I’m just appreciative for all that you do. :slight_smile:


(Bret Thompson) #13

@chris, Thanks for helping me get this device setup. Would you be able to help me with some issues on this device. This is the first device that I have added to the database, and it is not working correctly. I really don’t know where to start to fix this. The dimmer channel seems to work just fine, but when I create items for the Color and Color temperature channels, it gets weird. It seems like all 3 channels are connected. When I change the color for example, the dimmer and color temperature also change after the polling period. Same when I adjust the other items, the other 2 also adjust. For the color channel the brightness adjusts.

(Chris Jackson) #14

The three channels are linked - if you change the color, then this will change the color temperature (since they are the same thing). The color control also has a dimmer as part of its definition, so this will also change the level.

(Cal Evans) #15

@chris Did the database get updated with the Bulb 6? I’m running the current snapshot and it’s still not being recognized. Do I need to do something else?

BTW, thanks, while I’ve been waiting on this the GE plug I bought just got added. :slight_smile:


(Chris Jackson) #16

The database is updated every few days, so yes, it will be in there.

(Cal Evans) #17

Hmmm…ok. apparently, I have been asking about the wrong device. The one that was added was "0103:000"1 the “Multi-White” Bulb 6. I have the “0103:0002:2.0” the “Multi-Color”. This one.

What do I need to do to get the multi-color into the DB?

Cheers! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Chris Jackson) #18

Tha same as wit hthe other device. Upload the XML file that OH created to the database, then add all the other bumf (parameters etc) and we can get it reviewed.

(Cal Evans) #19

I have added the device to the database.

  1. I accidentally added the White manual to the documents. I added the Color manual as well but can’t find a way to delete the White.
  2. I added the Association Group based on the White version of this bulb. It was a guess.
  3. I found this technical manual but I don’t know enough to translate the data in the command section into the ‘Configuration Parameters’ section. If someone can help me understand, I’m happy to finish it out.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

(Cal Evans) #20

@chris, I know you are on the road. This is not urgent. I just forgot to tag you in it. :slight_smile: