Aeotec Micro Smart Switch 2E devices won't stop blinking LED

I used HABmin to pair 2 Aeotec Micro Smart Switch 2E devices to my Aeotec Z-Stick G5 successfully - OpenHAB can control and receive status from the switches.

However, the red LED on the switch is still blinking, even though the manual says it should stop blinking once paired:

HABmin show a configuration parameter for the switch, “2: Make Micro Smart Switch 2nd Edition Blink”, which says it is a double byte value with the LSB and MSB defining different attributes (total time of blink and blink interval). Setting this value to 0 appears unsuccessful and doesn’t stop the blinking.

Anyone get these switches to stop blinking their LED? It is very annoying and visible even through the plastic switch box cover.


Hmm - I found another manual, and it may indicate it is blinking because I have not connected an external switch for it to detect yet:

“1. When the Micro Smart Switch (2nd Edition) is first powered up, it does not know which type of external switch used, toggle the external switch one time and wait 2 seconds. The Micro Smart Switch (2nd Edition) will automatically detect which type of external switch is connected to it’s terminals. (The LED will go from blinking to solid)”

Once I hooked up wall switches to the low voltage port, the LED stopped blinking!

However, one of the switches now leaves the LED on permanently - and changing “2: Make Micro Smart Switch 2nd Edition Blink” to 0 doesn’t turn it off.