Aeotec multisensor 6 F to C

does anyone know how to change the units. just setup mine and it reports in F.

You can’t. According to Aeon Engineering spec, there’s a US version of the sensor to report in F, and EU/AU versions to report in C, but no parameter to change that behavior.
You might try flashing your sensor (there’s firmware at the Aeon site), but do so at your own risk.

The binding will do this conversion for you… from the [wiki][1] -:

sensor_scale=X can be set for the multilevel sensor class to force the sensor to be converted to a specific scale. This uses the scale information provided by the device to decide how, or if, the conversion needs to be applied. Currently this is only available for temperature sensors. eg. sensor_scale=0 will ensure that a temperature sensor is always shown in celsius, while sensor_scale=1 will ensure fahrenheit.



Thank you @chris you have literally thought of everything. works perfect.