Aeotec Multisensor 6 Ultraviolet

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I’m opening this new thread since I noticed the threads I’ve seen about this device are a year old.

I just set up an Aeotec MS6. Mostly it is working.

Though I never see motion or binary change in the paperui, they show in the log and work with rules.

And I get reports of temperature, luminance, humidity, and battery to display in paperui.

But, UV also shows 0. This may be true for indoors. But I’d expect the value to change when I put a UV eraser (i.e. a black light) aimed at the sensor. The luninance changes, but not the uv.

Any ideas? Do I have a dead UV sensor OOTB?

It maybe that the UV frequency from your UV eraser is not detected by the sensor.
Test it outside

Well, eeproms were erased by the sun given the right conditions. Erasers use around 280nm which is in the UVC range, this is the lesser of the suns UV and is typically filtered a lot by water vapor.:nerd_face:

So this may be the case, but, I have had nothing but rain for the past few days…so, that test will have to wait. :roll_eyes:

Also, I don’t think the MS6 is rated for outdoor use. It certainly is not weather tight.
Thinking the UV channel may not be very useful… :thinking: