Aeotec Nano Dimmer as a fan controller?

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The manual states its possible yet I read alot saying it’s not . Does this indeed allow fan control of a fan motor? Are there any tricks?


It largely depends on the motor in the fan. I think the general consensus is “don’t do it.” The way a dimmer works is by rapidly turning on and off the power to the light. That rapid power cycling can destroy most fan motors.

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Any recommendations on a OH2 compatible controller Rich?

I’ve never looked into controlling a fan so I have no suggestions.

Something like this would work if you could find something like it your country (this one is US):

By the way, I was curious as to how the traditional fan controls work. I found some typical pictures of them here. Looks like they use a capacitor in the 1 to 5 uF range to slow the fan. I doubt the Z-Wave unit does it that way, but I’m curious as to what it is actually doing.

I did just see that unit, nice but not available in Australia

Thus one says it can manage fan speeds in Australia.

Thanks Bruce, the Aeotec Dimmer says it can also do the same thing yet everyone warns to not use it. I’d imagine the Qubino operates in the same manner as the Aeotec

This isn’t very attractive, but maybe you could install an IR remote for your fan and then use openHAB to control an IR transmitter?

I don’t know why the Z-wave fan controls only seem available in the US. Seems odd. The US isn’t the only country to use 110V, but maybe this is harder with 220V for some reason? The US certainly isn’t the only country with ceiling fans and Z-wave users.

Possible. i think it may be best to put it on an ON/OFF Zwave relay and loose the functionality of 3 speed control. it’s not a biggy anyway, you could still use the switch on the wall

Traditional fan control works by changing the phase delay between the motor coils
A capacitor will change the the phase delay and hereby the speed of the fan.