Aeotec Nano Dimmer doest not update Item state


i have integrated the Aeotec Nano dimmer in openhab and linked it to a switch item. ON/OFF over the item work. But if I press the switch directly, the status of the item does not change. Also in the eventlog nothing happens. What do I have to do so that a manual pressing of the switch (wipe) updates my item.

With all my fibaro switches it works great.

hi all,

its been a while since this was postet, but I have the same problem.
any idea if this is something one can configure on the thing?

I guess its config 80, but what is the expected report? basic? hail? something else?


Is the item Switch dimmer or binary?

what is the version of the switch? assuming it is ZW111, but there are two in the DB <2.2 and >2.3

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It might be worth trying to connect association groups 3 and 4 to your Z-Wave controller (assuming it’s a ZW111).

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I can answer my own question. The dimmers option 80 was set to 0: do nothing when load changes. I set it to 1 and this did the trick :blush: