Aeotec Nano-Shutter problem with firmware update to 3.1

I updated the firmware of one of my AEOTEC Nano-Shutters to 3.1. This version is supposed to be able to position the blinds (not only OPEN and CLOSE).
When I tried to update Parameter 35 (time for up and down movement), the update does not seem to get through. When I look into the DEBUG log, it looks like it is changed to a default value of 15000.
When I close the blinds, a percentage value of 11% is shown, as opposed to 100%.

Question: Is this firmware version 3.1. reflected in the database yet?
I attach the XML file for the devicenetwork_dd419481__node_120.xml (13.3 KB)
@chris I will send you a link to the debug log. Would be great if you can have a look
@sihui : I added you because you habe eben alle to help many times

Looking into the ZWave Database, it looks like I do not have the latest Version of the device XML. Do I habe to get the latest JAR file? I currently run the Zwave 2.5.6 installed via PaperUI

If you have changed devices, as it seems by updating the firmware, then you will need to delete the current thing and add it back again. If there have been changes to the database since 2.5.6, then you will need the latest binding.

Sorry - I’ve not had the chance to look at the logs as yet as I’ve been spending quite a lot of time trying to finish the new database editor.

@chris: sorry for bothering you again … I can not find the link to the ZWave Jar files anymore. Where can I grab the latest file?


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thanks a lot.

@sihui @chris : just installed the latest Zwave Binding and now, I can nolonger edit any ZWave things.
in PaperUI I get “ERROR 500: Internal Server Error” when trying to edit a ZWave thing
in Habmin, for all of my ZWave devices the configuration parameters are not even displayed anymore
Editing non-Zwave things still works fine.

I already deleted cache and temp files - did not help.

any suggestions?

uuuu … found the issue myself. The old version of the ZWave binding was somehow still active. Uninstalled this via PaperUI and editing of the things is now working again.

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The install script automatically uninstalls this first

ok, got the new ZWave binding installed and running.
For this device ZW141 there are two XML files in the JAR file - one for old firmware and one for the new firmware.
The XML file for the new firmware shows a number of new configuration parameter for blinds control.
After inclusion of the device, the device shows as Firmware Version 3.1 in habmin. The new configuration parameters are not there though. The XML File created for the device during inclusion does only show the old parameters.
Here are the two files:
XML file in JAR: zw141_3_0.xml (17.6 KB)

XML file in the userdata folder: network_dd419481__node_122.xml (13.7 KB)

what is wrong here?

Did you delete the Thing from OH (do NOT exclude from network) and re-add it?
You need to do that to get the new binding settings.

I actually used a different device for this latest attempt. It had not been included before.
To verify, I just now deleted and re-added the device that I had included previously with the old version of the binding.
Still only the old parameters in Habmin
Additional info: in Habmin Manufacturer ID is 0371, but it says “unknown manufacturer”

We have two ZW141 for that device with manufacturer aetoec id 371 in the database where it should only be one:

I think the zw141_0_0.xml needs to be deleted, @chris ?

These two files are both for the same database entry - the filename changed at some point as the version was updated. I guess that somewhere along the lines someone updated the version to limit this to version 3 for some reason - I guess that now means anyone with this device with version less than 3 will find the device doesn’t work.

Is this device is available in version < 3, or is that only available with the older manufacturer ID?

I do not know if devices with different versions always have different manufacturer IDs.
My devices originally had the “old” manufacturer ID and with the firmware update (I used the Aeotec firmware update tool) got a different manufacturer ID.

Normally no. The manufacturer has one id assigned.

Likely either a manufacturer got bought or a device was contracted to another company before they got their own if assigned.

Aeotec started using a new manufacturer ID a while back - I’m not sure why, but they registered a new ID.

Ok, I’ll just remove the old entry and we can hope this doesn’t cause problems for others.

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@chris When do you think, the new JAR will be available? Question: would it solve my problem if I deleted the duplicate file from my downloaded JAR?
I just need to delete and re-add the devices - no need to exclude, right?

Correct ( and wake up long enough for full discovery).

I believe it should already be available - at least, it was recompiled earlier after I made the change.

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