Aeotec Nano Shutter - strange behaviour

Hi Community,

I had very strange problem with 3-4pcs of Aeotec nano shutters. All of them are included to Z-Wave USB stick from Aeotec which are not the main one (they are working as USB over LAN controllers using socat).

Aeotec nano shutters were moving randomly by themselves. I’ve had full control over this nodes from openhab and all looked totally ok but few times per day randomly one of those just moved by itself. (nothing in the logs at least on warn and info level). Sometimes random nano shutter put shades up and sometimes down then some other goes down etc. – not so often just like around 3 times per day. I’ve decided to replace those nodes by completely new units and leave old nodes just for tests temporally as extenders without any device connected. That pretty much fix ghost shade problem :blush: But unfortunately yesterday I’ve added one nano switch to controller on different level of my house (not the controller which is paired with ghost controlled shades :blush:) and after this operation one of new nano shutter start to close by itself. This makes me crazy because I don’t know what is going on and what cause this issue. I’m predicting that is something wrong with z-wave binding on Openhab 3 or socat service.

I’m on Dell server r230 and Ubuntu 20.04 lts server as operation system.

Three controllers are working to control my house – two of them on socat and one connected directly on USB to the Ubuntu machine. Problems occur on socat controller and nano switch added yesterday also works on socat service.

Can anyone form community had some similar problem?

@chris Any ideas how to check where is the problem

For debugging issues like this, this will simply not be of any use - you should use debug.

Not really - as above, I’d suggest checking the logs using debug level logging.

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