Aeotec Nano Shutter with Busch Jaeger 6418 Blinds Control

I have an issue configuring the Nano shutter to work with the Busch Jaeger 6418 Push-Button control as an external switch. The BJ switch does not operate the blinds correctly with the Nano shutter in the middle.
Does anyone have this combination working?
Last resort for me would be to replace the 6418 with manual 2-way switches.

Please give us more details. We should not need to research or guess which of the many bindings you are using. Very few if any of the volunteers here are experts on them all and can recognize what is used by device model.

Sorry if this is not clear.
The BJ device is completely external to openhab. It is an electrical blinds control device that e.g. allows automatic shutting of blinds, but no integration into smart home. I have had these devices on some of my blinds, on others I am using standard 2way switches. I already successfully integrated the blinds with the manual 2way switches into Openhab with the Aeotec nano shutter and the zwave binding.
Now, I want to integrate those blinds with the BJ controls into openhab as well. The BJ controls are supposed to work as external switches for the nano shutter. Up to now, I have not found a configuration for the external switches in nano shutter that work correctly with those BJ controls.

So, you are asking for some smart home advice for something other than openHAB which makes it off-topic for this openHAB specific forum.