Aeotec nano switch not recognized. Add id to database?


I’m still quite new to openhab so bear with me. I used to have a ubuntu box with openhab2 installed with its own repo (not ubuntu’s) but as the hardware failed I switched to pine 64 with openhab2.

The problem is I cannot get a aeotec nano switch to work with openhab on the pine 64. In my former set up, the device wasn’t initially recognized but after some time (days or weeks) it was recognized correctly. I’ve recently updated to openhab 2.3 but this didn’t change anything. I guess the device data comes from a separate database so simply updating OH doesn’t necessarily help.

Paper UI reports the device as 0086:0002:0074:1.1 and as far as I understand the database, the 0002:0074 device number is not yet included for this device.

Secondly. Does every OH2 installation update or query from the device database (cd-jackson) or is there something I should do to update a local copy?

Any help much appreciated!

Please can you advise the model you have so we can be sure to update the right database.

You will need to update the binding to the latest snapshot once the database is updated.

Sorry for the delay. i have been on vacation.

The device is already installed and I haven’t had the time to look at the device itself but it was sold as: “AEON LABS (Aeotec) - Nano Switch with Power Metering ZW116-EU, Z-Wave Plus” and the package matched the description when it arrived.


Thanks. We’ll get that added in the next few days.