Aeotec Nanomote Quad: How to use?

I’m sure this is a simple and silly question, but I just successfully included the Aeotec NanoMote Quad into my setup and it has been fully discovered, but now I’m trying to figure out how to use it…

My expectation was each button would work like a switch, providing me channels that I could hang my rules off of. But seeing that there are no switch channels, I’m guessing I need to read up on association groups? And association groups allow the buttons to interact directly with other zwave devices and the controller is essentially an observer of the event? I’ve not used my zwave devices in this manner before, so maybe that is adding to my confusion. I’m using Aeotec’s Z-Stick if that makes a difference…

Anyways, thanks for reading and any pointers!


Also worth noting that I’m tail’ing my logs and I don’t see any events triggering when I press the buttons, further backing my belief that I’m not using as intended…

Have you linked any Items to the Thing channels? OpenHAB only works with Items, not Things directly

You have not posted any configuration for us to help you with.

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Hi Bruce,
Sorry for the missing info… Yes I’ve created corresponding items based on the channels presented by the thing:

Number office_button "Office Button" <light> (group_office,group_lights) ["Lighting"] {channel="zwave:device:3e4440a5:node17:scene_number"}
Switch office_button_switch "Office Button Switch" <light> (group_office,group_lights) ["Lighting"] {channel="zwave:device:3e4440a5:node17:switch_dimmer"}
Dimmer office_button_dimmer "Office Button Dimmer" <light> (group_office,group_lights) ["Lighting"] {channel="zwave:device:3e4440a5:node17:switch_dimmer"}

I should also note that I’m running the dockerized openhab 2.5.6 and drive my setup mostly from git. So I prefer to have my setup defined in the text files where possible – although I’ve not figure out how to manage the Zwave things this way, but that is a question for another day…

In fiddling around with the associations via the PaperUI, I seem to have caused the channels to now start firing off events. Pressing button 1 now triggers the switch and dimmer items as I’d expect, and all buttons trigger the number to report the scene number.

Additionally, after editing the associations, you have to trigger the wakeup in order to update the button associations. I assume this is due to the wakeup triggering the mote to checkin with the controller and picks up the new config? But I think I’m satisfied for now.

This is true for all battery operated devices and all configuration parameters, not only association groups.

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