Aeotec Nanomote ZW003 - Will not complete initialization

OpenHab 2.5.8-SNAPSHOT
ZWAVE Binding
Aeotec ZStick Gen 5
Raspberry Pi 3+ Jessie
Device Aeotec Nanomote Quad

Will not complete initialization.
Under HABMin for the Thing I see the following under Attributes:

Manufacturer 0371 “Unknown Manufacturer”
Type / ID 0102:0003
Firmware Version 1.3
Using Security redIcon
Routing greenIcon
Listening redicon
Frequently Listening redicon
Beaming greenicon
Last Wakeup Time Monday August 3 2020, 10:01:40 (21 minutes ago)

So despite it matching the database listing found online it will not complete the addition… Obviously I am missing something… probably something simple and stupid… but I need this working ASAP so I can set it up to provide to my Aunt with as a call button so she can call us to come help when she needs assistance… really want to avoid any more falls…

Device Overview


Manufacturer Aeotec Limited
Manufacturer ID 0371
Name ZWA003
Device Description NanoMote Quad
Category Wall Switch
References (Type:Id) 0002:0003,0102:0003

With battery run z-wave devices you simply need to keep waking them up (often numerous times) in order for the network to collect all the information it requires to complete initialization. For the nanomote:

Enable Wakeup:

1. Press and hold button (any button) for 5 seconds or until LED turns to a green color

LED will change from:

Green //at 5 seconds.

2. Release the button and the LED will flash green rapidly to indicate it is in an awake state.
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See I knew it was something too simple I was missing! Thank You. That did indeed fix it.

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This solved the problem for me as well, thanks! But, it really did take patience. I enabled debug logging for zwave (“log:set debug org.openhab.binding.zwave” in the openhab console), but it was hard to tell what was going on, and harder still to realize that waking up the device was actually allowing small chunks of progress to be made. The log viewer (Z-Wave Log Viewer) is what finally helped me see progress. The key was the messages that said “Stage advanced to …”. For other zwave devices I had added, they quickly reached “DONE”, passing through a number of other stages first. For the nanomote, it didn’t get very far before the device went to sleep. But in the log viewer I was able to see that each time I woke it up, it got a little further.

For me, the process finally completed after nearly 50(!) wake-ups. I hope this extra info helps someone else struggling with the same problem.

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