Aeotec Quad Wall Remote "No conversion in ZWaveMultiLevelSwitchConverter to StringType"

I’ve been playing with the Quad Wall remote. By setting all association groups to Controller I’m now getting all the commands from it I wanted. However I also get the following error message
“2019-06-20 10:36:15.080 [WARN ] [erter.ZWaveMultiLevelSwitchConverter] - No conversion in ZWaveMultiLevelSwitchConverter to StringType” everytime I touch one of the buttons. This is without any items associated at all. With items associated I get the expected response and the error message. It’s not a big deal but would be nice not to waste processing time with the error message. Does anyone have any idea as to how to fix this ?

I am having a similar issue.

Looking at the code it looks like the only supported channel types are Percent, OnOff, and IncreaseDecrease. Looking at the Thing in paperui, it looks like the only string channels are the StartStop channels. So I guess they are set incorrectly or something.

I just added a WallMote and had this same error. I made some local code changes to enable the missing conversion so I could see what was up. I’m not sure the “corrected” behavior is desired.

2020-04-18 16:22:22.744 [INFO ] [] - Wall mote [MainWallMoteScene] recieved update [1.0]
2020-04-18 16:22:22.835 [WARN ] [erter.ZWaveMultiLevelSwitchConverter] - Using added StringType conversion for value [0] target channel [zwave:device:088d62c3:node29:switch_startstop1]
2020-04-18 16:22:22.838 [INFO ] [] - Wall mote [MainWallMoteSwipe1] recieved update [0]
2020-04-18 16:22:24.520 [INFO ] [] - Wall mote [MainWallMoteScene] recieved update [1.0]
2020-04-18 16:22:24.617 [WARN ] [erter.ZWaveMultiLevelSwitchConverter] - Using added StringType conversion for value [100] target channel [zwave:device:088d62c3:node29:switch_startstop1]
2020-04-18 16:22:24.619 [INFO ] [] - Wall mote [MainWallMoteSwipe1] recieved update [100]

This is the log from two sequential presses of the button 1 on the WallMote. Apparently, pressing one of the 4 buttons triggers both an update to the :scene_number channel and sets the corresponding :switch_startstopN channel to alternating 0 or 100 (this is the part that was failing). I think it was likely intended that the :switch_startstopN channel be a PercentType (Dimmer) instead of a String, but swiping up or down currently sets the :switch_startstopN channel to a JSON string indicating direction, instead of increasing/decreasing this value between 0 and 100. I think it is likely that this is just not “completely” implemented “correctly” for this device.

Has anyone fixed this? This was working for me until moving over to OH3. I cannot switch or swipe the lights anymore and was able to do both with the WallMote unit by either sending ON/OFF or a number for the Dimmer value