Aeotec Roller Shutter - can't get it to work

Hi everyone,

i am trying to get a Aeotec Nano Shutter to work and can’t spot my error. I strongly assume it’s some error on my end, as i dont think these devices ship broken very often … I need four such devices and wanted to test it before ordering all four, so i only got one device to fiddle with.

I am using openhabian with Zwave Binding version 3.4.4.

I have shutters with a separate switch for up and down respectively. The actual switch makes mechanically sure up and down isnt “on” at the same time. They are switches with two states, not some momentary push buttons. Oh and the shutter works with just the normal switch :wink:
I wired everything up, connecting out1/out2 with the motor and s1/s2 with the external switch. I included the device in my zwave network (zwave secure), OH finds it, made items etc. - everything looks fine. If i press one of the switches it as the effect of the action button on the aeotec, as it should.
Except the damn shutter won’t move. No matter how i configurate the aeotec, i don’t get any control through to the motor. Not via the aeotec and OH, and not via the original switches. When using OH the best i get is the click of a relay in the aeotec - this is when using the configuration i’d call “correct”.

I read up the documentation, searched some boards but can’t spot my error. I also hard-resetted the aeotec (actually had to do that to integrate it into my network in the first place). I tried alot of different configurations out of desparation, with little to no change to the outcome (i can stop the device from clicking when using an action :wink: ). I also tried to somehow initiate calibration, but nothing happens.

My configuration (excerpt):
#20: 0
#22: 0
#85: 1
#120: 1
#121: 1

Does anybody have an idea of what to try? I want to get to the bottom of the problem, but i am out of ideas what to try next that might change anything …

Thanks alot for any hint :slight_smile:

Assuming you are authorized to work on your electrical installation (otherwise, hire a licensed electrician to do the work):
Measure out1/out2 to check the health of your nano shutter device. It might be defective.
Return to the initial state: remove the the nano shutter device to make sure that your motor still works (keep in mind that the motor might have overheating protection - wait a few minutes after extensive usage).
Reinstall the nano shutter device (double-check the wiring diagram in the manual!).
Reset to factory default.

I already checked, motor still working. I checked wiring with drawings from different sources, should be correct.
I will measure the output next, thats a good idea! I should at least get a spike or something, if i configured it wrong, correct? I doubt i get continous power, the motor would be moving in that case.

I don’t have the device, but I glanced at the manual in the Zwave DB and noticed there was some switch pairing process. Did you do that?

Related idea, have you tried without the switches attached, just using the zwave radio to eliminate them from the equation temporarily?

I did, but no luck. I think my device was just broken … i ordered a fibaro roller shutter for comparison, and it worked out of the box like a charm.

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