Aeotec Smart Switch 6 (ZW096) .items and .sitemap (OH2)

My .items and .sitemap for the Aeotec Smart Switch 6 (ZW096). I think this is correct for OH2, it returns values that I know to be correct. Please feel free use this in a samples Wiki. Hopefully this will help others.

//Aeotec Smart Switch 6 (ZW096) 
Switch Water_Pump_Switch            "Water Pump"                                (ALL)              {channel="zwave:device:f69b30b8:node8:switch_binary" }
Number Water_Pump_Power             "Water Pump power  [%.2f W]"                (ALL)              {channel="zwave:device:f69b30b8:node8:meter_watts"}
Number Water_Pump_Energy            "Water Pump consumption  [%.2f KWh]"        (ALL)              {channel="zwave:device:f69b30b8:node8:meter_kwh"}
Number Water_Pump_Volts             "Water Pump voltage [%.2f V]"               (ALL)              {channel="zwave:device:f69b30b8:node8:meter_voltage"}
Number Water_Pump_Amps              "Water Pump Current [%.2f A]"               (ALL)              {channel="zwave:device:f69b30b8:node8:meter_current" }
sitemap Water_Pump label="Water Pump" {
	Switch item=Water_Pump_Switch
	Text item=Water_Pump_Power
	Text item=Water_Pump_Energy
	Text item=Water_Pump_Volts
	Text item=Water_Pump_Amps

Thanks @Joe_Lawrence, this will be useful for others. I have moved this thread to the Tutorials&Examples category.

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