Aeotec Smart Switch 6

Hi All,

I am trying to setup a Aeotec Smart Switch 6 but there are no configuration options in HABmin? I have checked the database and the item is in there with the correct Device ID and Device Type (mine: Device ID = 60, Device Type = 203 // database: References (Type:Id) 0003:0060,0103:0060,0203:0060,1D03:0060).

Any ideas why I would not be getting config parameters?



Which version of the binding are you using?

If you’re using the most recent version, then I can’t see any reason why this wouldn’t be detected, but next thing would be to look at the logfile to see if there’s anything in there…

Hi Chris,

Using the latest binding. I just excluded it and re-included and that seems do have done the trick.

All included now!