Aeotec SmartHub/Smartthings hub as a z-wave controller?

I’ve found similar topics, but still I’m stuck with this question.

Currently I’m using an Aeotec Zwave stick to read power usage from a few Z-wave devices. No problem, works like a charme.
Next I like to add a Samsung Airco to OpenHAB and therefor I need an Aeotec Smart Hub. To avoid a third Z-wave network (I also have a Fibaro controller), can I read power consumption of a few Z-wave devices via the Smart Hub instead of the Zwave stick?


Did you get this device in the end and if so, does it function as hoped?

I’m looking at this for an ‘all in one’ zwave / zigbee / smart things hub, it seems to do the job but would love so real world usage advice…

I quit Smartthings few years back because it was going through the cloud for most of the automations. Openhab does is work locally

Yes, I have a Samsung washing machine that needs a smart things hub for me to connect to it. I don’t want to use ST at all, but to use the OH Smart Things binding I need a hub to connect through.

I’d kind of given up looking but when trawling through my options for zwave I came across that device and it said it was also a smart things hub which caught my attention. I was hoping to kill a few birds with one hub. If it gave me access to z wave, zigbee and ST all just by plugging it in and OH connecting to it it would really be a winner.

I’m fully expecting it to be ‘too good to be true’ but thought I’d ask the collective here if anyone has had some real life experience of it…

Smartthings worked well but it is dependent on the internet for all except lights and maybe some other staff. Logic processing was in the cloud so there were some delays from time to time. And, yes it was reliable for zigbee and zvawe.

But I wanted local control and I switched to OH. I use Conbee II and Aeon sticks now, also working fine.

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I didn’t go there at the end, so no …

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It appears that I had the same thing in mind as you, get an all in one hub which will function as a controller for Zigbee, zwave and Smartthings and then bind it to OH3.
Unfortunately I only did a little reading before jumping in with both feet and buying the Aeotec Smartthings hub. Now I am finding that Smartthings have removed a lot of functionality like custom zwave configurations etc. Which are due to be replaced by something else soon. What I was hoping to do was to use the ST hub as an automation controller for my partner to use as it is simple and for me to bind to OH3 while I build my system, getting working as I want it before moving her on to it and just using the Smartthings hub as a dumb gateway , bridge, controller or whatever you want to call it.
It now looks like I should have done some more homework before spending the money to find the ST hub is pretty much locked down without even a local web interface.
Not sure which way to go now, whether to return the ST hub and buy a Zstick or stick it out and hope for some integration to come along.

I’m finding that most of the smartthings are going towards wi-fi. I’ll be looking into how they use the local API this week.