Aeotec USB Z-Stick Gen5 - non normal LED blinking


I have had my Aeotec USB Z-Stick Gen5 for quite some time and worked just fine.
This week I have had z-wave issues and noticed that LEDs on the stick behaves strange.
LEDs usually blinks in a cyclic way but now it sometimes blinks faster. I have not noticed this before.

Do you think this is normal or some fault on the stick?

A little video:!AnjEso9HHQJWvihdTG-PSwujNGLq

FYI - I got this from Aeotec

So there are 2 potential issues linked to this that I know of:

  1. The Z-Stick Gen5 is not receiving enough power from the USB port it is plugged into. Some OS systems have the ability to put USB ports into a power saving mode. The solution here would be to ensure that the USB port never enters a power save mode.

You can also trying other USB ports.

  1. The Z-Stick Gen5 is receiving too many commands all at once from one of the many devices you may have. One device could be having issues communicating or has an issue spamming reports as one possibility.

For this case, the best troubleshooting steps would be to look at the logs and the timestamps to see if this is indeed happening.

Think of the last new thing you did in your network and get rid of it temporarily to see if it helps overall with your issue.

Reduce polling and report speeds from all of your devices which will help. Larger network with high report and polling rates can eat up all of the available bandwidth allowed by Z-Wave.