Aeotec Water Sensor 7 Pro

Has anyone used the newer Aeotec Water Sensor 7 Pro? Every time I try and search for information about it with openhab, I only get results about the 6, which you don’t seem to be able to get anymore. Alternatively, any recommendations on flood/water sensors that aren’t the 6? Looking to put one on my sump pump and under my kitchen sink atm.

If that is a newer 700 series device likely nobody from the community has added it to the device database yet.

first welcome.

The best place to check for new devices is the Zwave database. I did notice the 6 but not the 7. I did notice some 6’s on ebay. My rule is not to buy anything until it is in the DB.

I have 3 zwave water sensors, all Dome(Elexa) DMWS1’s. They seem to be okay.

Good luck


Unfortunately it will not be in the DB until somebody from the community tries one in OH and captures the XML file OH generates from the device firmware.

Here is the database guide.

Is there a way to do a more advanced query of the z-wave device database? Like maybe

Select * From Device d Where d.AlwaysListening = 1 AND (d.description like “%Leak%” OR d.description like “%Water%”)

How would that help? Ui usually use the general search here.

It would have helped me pin down some alternatives. Some companies call them leak sensors, some call them flood sensors. It would also have filtered down to devices that are always listening. I couldn’t figure out a way, so I went about it the “hard” way and just did each description search and manually look at each result.

I am not familiar with the Aeotec Water Sensor 7. I just bought the Ecolink Zwave Plus Flood & Freeze Sensor (FLF-ZWAVE5-ECO) to replace the Aeotec Sensor 6 I had on my sump pump. It should be arriving tomorrow and I’ll give a report with my experience. By the way, if it’s still available I don’t personally recommend the Aeotec Water Sensor 6. I could never get some of the z-wave functionality like the vibration alarm to send a report (there may have been a way but I ran out of ideas), Also, the optional powered dock was very unreliable in making connection between the dock and the sensor unit, and the wired external sensor also made a tenuous electrical connection that failed on me.

So I have been this a few years and am not an expert, but almost all sensors are battery powered and therefore not always listening. Some allow USB power (in addition to battery) but still are not always listening. The leader IMO with powered, listening sensors is Zooz (at least here in the states). They have an always listening motion sensor or two, but a quick check on their leak/water sensor (zse30) shows it is battery.


One caution on devices that work as powered or battery. If you plan on using the device as powered, it needs to be powered before inclusion into the network. If it is on battery when including it will behave as a battery powered device even is powered later.

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Agree. Likewise, if included as powered and then you disconnect the USB and try a battery, it will drain it very fast.

Also my advice to use an existing device was based on this being a first post by @Flagg93. As I have been around a while I am willing to face my fears to add a device to the database, if I see one I can’t live without. :grinning:



I just installed the Ecolink Z-Wave Plus Flood/Freeze Sensor on Windows OH 3.0.1 and it went very smoothly. It was detected right away as the Ecolink sensor, and as usual I had to wake it up a number of times before it was fully configured. Once fully configured, the XML showed up in my zwave directory. It is functioning perfectly so far and is now mounted on my sump pump.

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I ended up going with the Ecolink sensor as well, due to amazon availability. Was added almost immediately and I’m about to take it for a test run now. @jstro, I’m putting it on the sump pump as well. Had it almost overflow not so long ago when the float got stuck. I’d already planned on having a sensor on it at some point, but after our close call, we agreed it needed to be moved up the priority list.

@apella12 I noticed that when going through the sensors. I guess the Aeotec Multisensor 6 and our door lock got my hopes up that I’d be able to find one that just plugged in and was always on.

Not to ‘necro’ this post too much (I hope) but @jstro and @Flagg93 , did you get on ok with the FLF-ZWAVE5-ECO sensor then? I’m looking to get in to the openhab system primarily for the goal of water sensor monitoring and possibly a shut-off valve, and I happened by this thread.

Yeah, it’s functioning just fine with my OH system. No issues.