Aeotec Z-stick offline

Got a home built setup, running OH 3.2.0 Snapshot 2447 on CentOS 8.

My Aeotec Z-Stick gen 5 won’t come online. I moved it to a windows box and ran the IMA tool and it was able to talk to all the nodes and everything seems fine. But plugging it back into the OH box it goes straight to offline. Can’t get it online. It was working just fine a few days ago

I do see various java errors in the openhab.log but I’m not sure which would be pertinent to share.

Here’s the current log file:
openhab.log (44.2 KB)

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Not sure how relevant this is but…

Found an old Nortek USB controller and plugged it in, USB bus sees it just fine and I was able to add it as a secondary controller but it also shows up as offline.

Seems like there’s something in software blocking these devices since the hardware appears okay so far.

Seemed to have stumbled across the problem and got it fixed.

Had to change permissions on /var/lock to rwxrwxrwt

No idea how or why they would have changed.

Discussed here