Aeotec zw088 minimote poor battery life

I use this device as my garage door remote and it works just fine opening/closing the overhead, which is itself controlled by an Aeotec zw062 garage door controller. But the battery life for the minimote is really bad and I was wondering if there are some settings that might improve this. The battery it shipped with lasted about a week, I thought maybe shelf life was the issue, but the new one I installed this past Saturday is already down to 35%. Odd, given I only use it twice a day. I changed the wakeup configuration to 86400 (24 hrs) and I changed the Polling Period to 12 hrs. What I’ve noticed with the change in the Polling Period is that I’m no longer getting hourly battery updates when the car is in the garage, but that does not seem to improve the battery life. I do recall reading a post sometime ago, that suggested these battery updates may not be accurate. To that end, I’ve seen the battery level jump up and down, but the trend is always well down. So, if anyone has any idea on how to improve the battery life, I’d really appreciate it.