Aeotec ZW095 Gen 5 power meter reporting double

Latest OH4.1 I believe as I just did a new install and updates last month.

I have the power monitor and everything works fine, it updates every 20 seconds or so which is fine, I have a really odd power setup at my house because it’s been upgraded with 3 additions over the years. So I have 5 electrical panels, and also a solar array, but finally found where to put on the main 225A breaker switch so it reads positive when using power and negative when the solar is providing more than is being used.

My problem is I just realized it’s always reading double for AMPs only. Watts are correct.

For example it was sitting at 15A usage roughly and around 1750W. So 15 * 120 is 1800, makes sense. Wasn’t running much in the house but a 15A constant draw doesn’t seem crazy with some lights and TVs.

Now I turn on the electric car charger. It peaks at 48A 240V, but usually runs at 40A.

The device instantly spikes to 91A, but it should be showing something like 15+40 or 55. Watts show around 11,000 which makes sense.

Is the A thing not able to understand the difference between 120 and 240V items and only W would be a correct reading?

91A seems correct if the electric charger kicks in at around 40A@240V (it must go through some sort of transformer since the voltage level is different and transformers will have some W loss (heat))
The mains monitoring only sees A and V on a 120V level so we need to convert it to that :
240V / 2 = 120V, and by reducing the V by half we double A, so 40A * 2 = 80A), in summary, 15A + 80A = 95A (not far from 91A). As I understand it, you are seeing the correct value :thinking:

The clamps on the mains will only monitor the A and V on the mains, and if you mix the monitored A/V values on the “inside” of the mains you have to be aware of transformers/voltage changes etc. to find it add up to the total value measured on the mains.

Thanks for the reply, that makes sense because the 91A is them showing the 40A 240V so 80A 120V since it’s mixed.

I have noticed the W value is accurate for the combined numbers so I think I’ll just take the A reading off my GUI to avoid confusion.