Aeotec ZWA-009 in DB but still unknown

Added this device (ZWA009) which is a battery operated temperature and humidity sensor to my z-wave network. It seems to have been initialized properly, as the thing contains the 4 information types populated.

However, the device remains unknown.

I reviewed the list of supported devices listed here, but the ZWA009 is not listed. However, the list of supported devices here shows it listed. I did notice it was added 12/30/2020, so I assume it just hasn’t made it over to the list my network is reading (is it in the binding itself?).

If my assumption is correct, how do I update my binding’s database? Or is there a manual step required by someone to update the binding’s database.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


You need to manually install a snapshot version of the binding.

This script works with OH2 and is supposed to work with OH3. Manual instructions are in the README file.
Zigbee and Z-Wave manual install script - Tutorials & Examples - openHAB Community

Thanks Bruce. When would it be available in the OH2 binding install that’s found in the PaperUI? I likely will install the snapshot version, but wondering about other options

You need to uninstall the binding from the Paper UI and manually install the snapshot version of the binding. The script automates this.

Another option would be to update to the latest snapshot of OH2 but that might introduce other binding issues, depending what has changed.

Installed the snapshot version. OH updated the sensor immediately. I did not delete and rediscover the things. Does the fact that it picked up the details without deleting indicate maybe it doesn’t need to be deleted and rediscovered? Or should I do that anyway (as the documentation explicitly states)?

It likely worked because the device was truly unknown. For firmware differences and other cases then deleting would be needed. I think you are ok though.

Is the device in DB in openHab 3.0.1 or do you still need to install snapshot binding?

Commenting in a thread is not a substitute for reading it. If you followed the database link you would know you need a snapshot version of the binding.