Aeotec ZWave configuration

Hi all,
I’m new on the openHAB, but I successfully installed it on my PI3.
I also have the SmartHome Designer up and running and I installed the ZWave binding via the PaperUI.

Now I want to install/configure the ZWave adapter aeotec GEN5. How to do that? is there any documentation how to do this?

Connect the stick to your raspberry and then check which device it is using

ls /dev/

Usually it is either ttyACM0 or ttyACM1

If I remember correctly go to the paperUI --> inbox and do a scan on the zwave binding and then select the 'add things manually’
There you can add the serial port of your controller which is either /dev/ttyACM0 or /dev/ttyACM1

Hope this helps

In addition to what @cgeo said, make sure the openhab user is a member of the dialout group so it has permission to read and write to that device.