Aeotech Micro Smart Switch 2nd Edition - how to get power usage?

I have installed the above z-wave switch and the actually switching of it is working pretty well! It would be nice to have the power reading (so I can see when a bulb goes for example).

This is my bindings:

Switch Hall_Main_Light “Main Hall Light” (Hall) { zwave=“4:command=switch_binary”}

Number Hall_Main_Light_Power “Main Hall Light Power [%.2f W]” { zwave=“4:command=meter,meter_scale=E_W,refresh_interval=60” }

Have I missed something obvious?


I have a couple of these devices that seems to work just fine.

My setup (in the items file) is as follows:

Switch      S01D006_sSwitch         { zwave="12:command=basic" autoupdate="false" }
Number      S01D006_nPower          { zwave="12:command=meter, meter_scale=E_W" }
Number      S01D006_nEnergy         { zwave="12:command=meter, meter_scale=E_KWh" }
Switch      S01D006_sReset          { zwave="12:command=meter, meter_reset=true" }

Note! The _sReset switch is used for resetting (setting to zero) the internal “energy meter” in the device.

Your items setup seems to be quite similar, apart for the refresh_interval statement, but I don’t think that should matter.

What does your sitemap look like?

I just realized that you are not really saying what is not working out for you (if anything), :slight_smile: Can you clarify what you expect to happen and what does (or does not) happen?

Sorry the power usage just stays as “-” so it never gets set. I wonder if it could be the reset thing? What exactly does that do?

I’m decorating my office at the minute so it’s tricky to get the sitemap, but it’s just a switch for the actual binary switch, and a text item for the power usage.

Why do you have your switch as a basic thing with auto update set to false?

Thanks for your help!

I wonder if this explains the issues I’m having:

2016-04-03 12:58:52.536 [WARN ] [.b.z.i.c.ZWaveConverterHandler] - No command class found for item = Hall_Main_Light_Power, command class name = meter, using 0 refresh interval.

I’m wondering if the fact that the association groups don’t appear to have any group members could be causing the issue?

Could that be the problem?

Do you have Habmin set up? If so can you see if you have any group members in your association groups?

Are you 100% sure you have the “smart” version? Its only the “smart” version that has the powermonitoring feature.

I bought some off ebay which were marked “smart” by the seller, but arrived as just the base version… got some $ back but a bit annoyed.

This is the one I bought:L

To be fair it doesn’t say smart or anything about power monitoring :confused:

That’s what it will be. Thats a shame :frowning:

Thanks Greg!