Aetoc Nano Dimmer 3 Way Install?

I’m not an electrician, but Mr. Google and working on a basement finishing project has taught me a lot. But I’m struggling and uncertain how to hopefully configure the Aeotec Nano Dimmer with a 3 way switch install. I gave up for today and will try again hopefully post holidays. Thus hoping anyone with either electrical experience or has this Nano Dimmer setup in a 3 way environment can provide some advice.

What makes my wiring configuration a little different is that I actually converted a former pull chain light into a 3 way switch, thus power is at the ‘light’ which now is actually a junction box with the light moved elsewhere in the room.

So as a reference, my current wiring looks something like this:

And the Aeotec site shows this Nano Dimmer can be setup as a 3 way switch as well. But I THINK the 3 way switch setup must include a Neutral? The docs are a little fuzzy on that. It says you can install the switch without a neutral, but that appears only if for a normal/single switch. so unsure if I can install without a neutral behind the existing switch, or if need to install in the light box.

what is strange about the 3 way setup in the Aeotec docs is that is appears the COM and S1 connects to both the Line and Load on the same switch? and you don’t pass the Load from one switch to the other? Thus, I think I may end up with a extra unused wire in each switch when done?

Ideally if possible I would prefer to install behind the existing switches without the neutral as the Nano Dimmer’s can actually control 2 separate switches as well.

And then finally, possibly making things more complex is that my current light switches are also 3 way Dimmer Switches.

Did you get this working? Why Aeotec have a master degree in not explain things?

No, I have not gotten it working and shelved it for a while. I’m not certain if it was me having a a wire backwards or the nano dimmer not recognizing the 3 way switches properly. But could not get it working properly physically so also never even tried to pair it yet.

From what I’ve read it should work as a 3 way switch but I think I am in a unique situation converting a pull chain ligjt with power/hot at the light and creating a loopback into a 3 way switch with no neutrals available.

If you get it working, please let me know your steps. I think the instructions say to toggle the light switch to get the nano dimmer to identify a single pole vs 3 way switch.

I can also try again soon. Just need the family out of the house so i can turn off the power for a bit.

Is there room to put the dimmer in the junction box?

Yes, the device is pretty small and designed to fit behind an existing light switch.

So as long as your junction box is not jammed full of wires, it should fit.