Aeton Xcomfort binding

I started my Smarthome project with Aeton Xcomfort switches and actuators controlled by a Norwegian controller from Sensio. After playing around for a while I realized I was kinda stuck to xcomfort products. Got a tip to try Openhab, and bought a Pine64 together with a Aeotec Zwave stick. Now I`m hoping to integrate my xcomfort equipments into Openhab and that I dont have to replace all my xcomfort stuff.
The Aeton Xcomfort works on 868,3 MHz, and I have a USB stick that I use to program my equipment.
Or I could try getting statuses and change state by using my Sensio gateway from Openhab.

I`m looking for anyone else who has tried or found a solution to get and set state of Xcomfort actuators,
or could help me.

I`ve done a few tests to connect and communicate with the gateway through netcat, and some sniffing while using my Android app for the Sensio gateway/controller.


I see this is an really old tread but im really wondering what solution you came up with for your problem?
Im in the same boat as you, having a Sensio X-1 controller and a house full of Xcomfort components but want more flexibility. The only other software I have found that controls Xcomfort is Ip-Symcon.
Could you use OpenHab to directly control the X-1?

Hei Andreas.

Jeg har nesten fjernet alt utstyr fra x-comfort da det ble for låst.
Kjører nå z-wave og zigbee komponenter.

Så om du ønsker ø kjøpe brukt eller “reserve” x-comfort deler, så er det
bare å ta kontakt :slight_smile:


Any updates or progress on this?