After adding the z-wave entry on, how to I get my local openhab2 to see the changes?

I’ve got this device added:

But, how do I get my local OH2 install (raspbian) to see this device?

I tried removing and re-detected in habmin/paper ui, but it still shows up as an uknown device.

Any pointers would be nice :slight_smile:

You need to wait until Chris updates the database which then gets pulled into a upcoming build. Once the new build is complete you will need to uninstall the current zwave binding and then install the new one.

This typically takes a couple of days.

Aha!.. so that’s the way to update the local zwave db…
That would be useful info on the “Database Guide” on Chris’site.

Since my new device got approved on 2018-02-24 08:52:46, I guess it’s been more than a couple of days.
So… just uninstalled/installed the zwave binding, but still OH2 says it’s an unknown device.

So… I removed the thing from OH2, and made the binding detect it, but it is still an unknown device.
Did some wakeups on the device, still just an unknown device.

I’m seeing: Z-Wave Node 19 (0131:8004:1000:2.0)

Why it now sais :2.0 i don’t know, can’t say it had that when I initially created the device at Chris’ site.
Any pointers?


I’ve tried to avoid making the database specific to openHAB as there are other systems other than openHAB using the database. I know there is some openHAB specific stuff in there, but I try and keep it minimal :wink:

It should probably be documented in the binding docs though and I suspect it’s not at the moment.

I’ve done a few updates since then, so yes, it should be included.

What version of OH are you using? If it’s 2.2 release, then you will always use the 2.2 release version of the binding. You need to be on the snapshot build for the above to work.

What would you know, that worked!

It got scared though, cause it took quite a while for OH to get to get up’n running again.

But, an option to update just the db in the stable release would be nice. How about some script that just pulls the latest db into the stable release?