After clear cache + tmp feature install lost

I have a binding running that needs manually installing the openhab-transport-serial via the command:

feature:install openhab-transport-serial.

However after clearing the cache and tmp folder with a restart of the OpenHAB I loose the installation of the serial driver. So I need to reinstall it via the cmd line.

How can I prevent this from happening like putting the name of bindings into the addons.cfg File.
Is there also a cfg file where I can put those commands in?

First, you should not need to clear the cache other than on software upgrades.
Second, are you using latest OH ? All supported bindings I know of should have their dependencies set right, i.e. would take care of loading the serial module/driver.
No there is no file I know of where to simply put that command in, other than to create some script to auto-execute that on UNIX level.

I have the same issue with the unmerged Sony binding. It constantly needs a feature reinstalled by karaf console after I reboot. low on the to do list. My guess is it should have an extra line in the bindings feature.xml file before it is built to install the feature.

Its the MySensor Binding which you need to put in the addon folder and then install the serial driver. And yes I use openHAB 2.5.3

If it does not do that itself (via feature.xml) then it should get fixed. Open a GitHub issue.