After energy meter change KNX not functioning

Last Tuesday they replaced my smart meter. The old meter couldn’t be read out by the energy company. After the power down and replacing the meter and power on KNX is not working anymore.
I do have a system that is running for over 12 years now. It is a Merten system ( KNX INTERNET CONTROLLER IC1-V2 REG-K) with a Merten Touchscreen with TP-VISU installed).
On a raspberry Pi I am running openhabian 4.03 and do connect directly to the internet controller.
The TP-VISU screen show on and off that the EIB is offline and online (intermittent).
Before the power down openhabian was functioning great and I was able to control all the light, switches, temperature and dimmers.
In openhabian the KNX gateway is online. Also the devices that I created are all online.

In the logfile it shows that the gateway is connected to the bus. I can’t control any device from openhab.
When I log in on the internet controller I can control the lights and power-outlets.So it looks like the controller is ok.

I can also control the light and temperatures with the wall switches. So the system is running.

As I haven’t changed a thing since the power out I have no clue how to find out what might be wrong.
My thoughts were in the direction of a second device that has the same IP address and therefor losing connection intermittent. I checked this by giving the Merten touchscreen a new ip address but the problem still exist.
So I am running out of ideas what the cause of this problem can be.
Maybe someone of you also experienced the same behaviour and found the solution.
Looking forward to your thoughts.

configuration things files device model etc. like this is hard to pinpoint the problem maybe some screenshots of ets bus traffic …

KNX/IP Gateway config

UID: knx:ip:510bba6155
label: KNX/IP Gateway
thingTypeUID: knx:ip
useNAT: false
readRetriesLimit: 3
autoReconnectPeriod: 60
localSourceAddr: 0.0.0
readingPause: 50
type: ROUTER
portNumber: 3671
responseTimeout: 10

KNX Device config

UID: knx:device:generic
label: KNX Device
thingTypeUID: knx:device
pingInterval: 300
readInterval: 0
fetch: false
bridgeUID: knx:ip:510bba6155

  • id: Licht_BG1_K3_PS
    channelTypeUID: knx:switch
    label: Plafondspots Kookeiland
    description: “”
    ga: 0/0/59
2023-09-22 20:15:53.398 [INFO ] [nx.internal.client.AbstractKNXClient] - Bridge knx:ip:510bba6155 connected to KNX bus
2023-09-22 20:15:53.399 [TRACE] [nternal.handler.IPBridgeThingHandler] - Bridge knx:ip:510bba6155 completed KNX scheduled initialization

With the above config the system has already ran for years.
Now it is not working anymore.

Please be aware that ROUTER mode is Multicast, the correct IP (if not setup to another IP by intention) is always If changing the Multicast IP address, it must not be an ip address within the same subnet, so either ipAddress or localIp is wrong

That is very strange as I have this config already for years working without issues.
I looked up my old text config files and found this:

// Bridge knx:ip:bridge [
// type=“ROUTER”,
// ipAddress=“”,
// portNumber=3671,
// localIp=“”,
// readingPause=50,
// responseTimeout=10,
// readRetriesLimit=3,
// autoReconnectPeriod=60,
// localSourceAddr=“0.0.0”

// {
// Thing device generic [
// address=“0.0.0”,
// fetch=false,
// pingInterval=300,
// readInterval=0

In the past years I moved from the text files to the gui.
Strange that is was always working.

I changed the setting to the below values:

UID: knx:ip:510bba6155
label: KNX/IP Gateway
thingTypeUID: knx:ip
useNAT: false
readRetriesLimit: 3
autoReconnectPeriod: 60
localSourceAddr: 0.0.0
readingPause: 50
type: ROUTER
portNumber: 3671
responseTimeout: 10

The gateway says it is online but I still can not control anything.

@Udo_Hartmann is right but anyways. Those devices you mentioned in first post are old cannot find much information. So the screen also uses IP to comunicate to the bus via that controller? You also mentioned the screen doesn’t work like work in the sense you cannot control lights? If so have a look if you can login into that controller webinterface. Let us know the result maybe the controller died. Openhab will always show online on router configuration even if the Knox router is dead.

I know @Udo_Hartmann is always right.
It is correct that the parts I mentioned are older, this because we build our house 12 years ago.
It might be very possible that the controller died. I still can log in to the controller but the date is incorrect. I can not set a date beyond 2017. I already asked Merten (now Schneider Electric) if the do have a firmware update for this part. I also can control the lights via the web interface of the controller.
The TP-VISU screen does have an interface to directly connect to the knx bus.
I do not know if the screen needs to be connected to be able set-up the connection with openhab.
Maybe I have to look for an alternative controller.

If the controller is not dead there is no reason then it should not work. Network issues ? Blocked multicast ? Do you have managed networking for example unifi screws up all traffic for multicast if igmp proxy is enabled or when an update is made to the switches or if the power goes off and I don’t restart the router after the unifi network application has fully started. For fun take a dumb switch and move your raspberry pi and laptop and Knx controller on that switch and nothing else and try to turn a light on.

I have connected everything directly to the Friztbox, but I can’t switch the light.
More and more I think that the controller died partially. I can connect to the controller and can switch the lights. Via openhab it is not working.
If I switch a light via openhab I do see that the TP-VISU screen is also switching the icon, so a connection is there.
Can’t find out why the controller does not relay the commands from openhab to the bus.

Maybe I will buy a MDT IP Interface to see if that is working. Should be good enough and has all the functions I need (I think I need). Other proposals are welcome.

Filter table lost ??? Do you have ets to check or maybe see in that controller if the filter table is passing your group adresses?

I have taken my old laptop with ETS and took a look at the bus monitor. I do see nothing happening on the bus. The connection that I make to the bus is via wifi.
As there is no traffic reported I think there is an issue with the controller. Via the web interface o the controller I can with the lights. This command is not visible on the ETS busmonitor. This proves for me that there is an issue with the controller.
I will buy a replacement to test but do have no clue if I can install it myself (connecting the hardware is not a problem). The software side might be a problem, will see.
Is the MDT IP Interface a good alternative?

If ets is configured to pass the telegrams towards the IP side and you don’t see anything then yeah MDT router is also good but again make sure you either use dummy devices to punch the filter or the option of pass trough filter in ets…

I also tried to connect my old ETS to the usb port. Also there I do not get a connection.

Sorry because I don’t have experience with that controller you are using I cannot help you further. But seeing you are using openhab for automation and visualization maybe it’s time for a well deserved update. For an upgrade I prefer router it can also be configured in ets as an IP interface.
The only problem would be having ets version 5.
Another option is this it an old post but still adaptable.
Let us know your journey :wink: and keep posting so others can benefit.

I have contacted a knx partner and he will have a look in 2 weeks from now.
Keep you updated.

Today the local KNX partner took a look at the system. He could not directly pinpoint the issue.
It might be a problem of the power supply of the bus. I have now ordered a more robust power supply that will be delivered next week. I will install it myself and hope it will solve the issue.
Can’t wait till the delivery of the PS to see if it the solution.

The new power supply arrived today and I installed it right away.
The system however is not functioning like it should.
So it is not the power supply.

If I log in to the Merten IC1 via the web interface I can control the lights.
I I look in the logs of openhab I can see that the the bridge is connected to the knx bus.

2023-10-19 21:44:47.449 [INFO ] [nx.internal.client.AbstractKNXClient] - Bridge knx:ip:510bba6155 connected to KNX bus

But when switching a light via the web interface of the Merten IC1 I can not see the message on the bus (looking via the frontail logger).

I am lost…

Maybe a setting in the merten controller to pass telegrams further … I think the best option is to buy yourself a knx router and connect openhab to that.

I have bought and received a EIB KNX IP Interface PoE from Eibmarkt. Removed the “old” ip interface from Merten and installed and configured the new one. And openhab is running again (in tunnel mode).
Only the Merten touchscreen is not working. Is shows online and offline intermittent.
I will dig into that later on. Happy that it is working now.
Thanks for all the help.

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