After openhabian upgrade system: Frontail not running

Using current openHABian 1.6.6 {2021-09-02T22:55:03+02:00}(3cdb213) with a raspberry Pi 4 (4GB)

After todays “upgrad system” (which installed some new system packages incl raspberry-kernel?) frontail didn’t show up. after installing it again via option 21 it runs again.
This happened to me a few times, but I cannot be sure, it was after a system upgrade, but this time it was definately after that, because I was monitoring in parallel some recent changes I made… :wink: and it stopped sometime within the upgrade process…

Is it a known bug?

branch ?

Well there have been changes to the nodejs packages that frontail requires and there’s a fix in main branch.
But frontail is sorta sissy piece of software so keep anticipating that any upgrades may break it (it might just not show up right away).


all right, no biggie, just re-install it, then. But could come to surprise, when you panic, if your Pi seems unsresponsive! :wink: