After raspi restart, enocean messages are sometimes not received / transmitted anymore

Hello together,
I have OH 3.4.4 running on Raspi4. Enocean and z-Wave was running well since several month. But after I shut-down the raspi and restart again, suddenly I have a lot of issues with enocean.
As it is so intransparent for me, please excuse that also this question here is not so very well defined… I just dont know where to search and what to ask…

Generally the setup is that (just talking of the enocean devices) motion-detectors and wall-switches are sending the actions to openhab. There a rule determines what to do (e.g. switch on with the brightness that is related to current time of the day) and then sends the switch-on / off command to the switch / dimming-actors.

Now I have following behavior.
Switching on / off with the UI and with Alexa always works successfully. But there is also no rule involved, it is directly going to the actor.
Switching via motion detector or wall-switch sometimes works well, but maybe 50% of the time it doesn’t lead to any action. E.g. press the wall switch → nothing happens, press it multiple times → suddenly the light goes on. As the motion detector sends only one message when you enter the room, it either switches the lights on or it doesn’t do it. Maybe because no multiple “on-messages” are send.

If I take a look at the log at the same time, then in the case with the wall switch, I can see that at the moment when I press the switch, there is no enocean log entry done, then, after multiple presses, suddenly a loooooooooooooooot of enocean entries are scrolling through the screen.

I attach such a log entry here.

Unfortunately I have no any idea where to start searching and whether / how this is related with the restart or with something else.

Anybody an idea?

Thanks a lot,

To the log:
At “Item ‘OGFlurBewegungsmelderBewegung’ changed from OFF to ON” I entered the room (Flur).
Then I startet pressing the wall-switch “OGFlurLichtschalterThing_RockerSwitchChannelB”. But while doing this, nothing happend. No lights on, no log entry. Then suddenly… all the log entries appear and the light finally is on.
Log.txt (73.9 KB)