After System Upgrade OH Container restart constantly

I had a docker OH3.4.4 installation which was running like a charm.
During my upgrade to OH 4.0.1, I upgraded my system with an ap-get before bringing up the OH4.0.1 container. At first glance, it looked very promising until I realized that the container was constantly restarting. No traces in OH log at all, just dropping dead, nor in the startup log of the container.
Stepping back to my old version did not change the situation at all. I fought yesterday the whole day to get the system back to service with no luck.

I desperately need ideas on how to debug this issue!

Sounds like crashes, doesn’t it ?

Does this help ?

Yes it crashes

cannot find a file named hs_err_pid

Do other containers work?

It’s not entirely clear what logs you are looking at. By startup log do you mean you’ve run the command docker log -f openhab? If not, run that to see what the container is logging out before OH tries to start.

The system was behaving weirdly, and files and directories disappeared. Running SMART on the disk did not show anything.
I decided to reinstall the host operating system from scratch.
Should have done it already yesterday morning when the creepy stuff started and losing time and bothering the forum.
Now everything seems to work as expected. A new SSD disk is on the way.