After Update Stable 2.5 ZWAVE Device unknown and persistence error

After update today on latest stable Version 2.5.0 Release Build i got two problems:

First: No persistence Service found. I had to install persistence jdbc-mysql and rddj4 again.

The Devices run perfectly until today (Danfoss LC-13) now unknown devices (0002:0005:0004:1.1), showing requested_nif and don’t work anymore. As they had been removed from Z-Wave-Database.

Any idea what to do? Allready waked up, removed from openhab, added again, not nice!

That usually indicates the device has not been awake long enough to get fully sdoscovered and send the NIF (Node Information Frame) frame to openHAB.

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I wake up manually several times, devices without request big unknown too.

Looks like lc-13 was not in actual database.

I did a downgrade from 2.5.1 to 2.5.0 and after start they all work again

It looks like someone made some changes to the database and then didn’t request a review and it got dropped off the 2.5 release. I’ll get it added back in the next day or so.

In this case i have got an important suggestion:

If changes are made, not reviewed, the build should contain the latest reviewed version to avoid smarthomes got broken.

Don’t know how you think about it. Otherwise newbies like me (I forgot request review first time to at trm2fx device) or trolls could make openhab fail.

You all do a to good Job to risk that :wink:

Buts a structural change in integrate database in builds.

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Yes, this is normally the case. However, every now and then (normally a month or two before a release build) I resynchronise the database. This is really important to avoid devices that are changed actually getting removed - otherwise we can end up with two versions of the same device, and that causes other problems.

Unfortunately it’s pretty much impossible to avoid this sort of issue.

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:+1: so its not a failure in system of making builds just a one time mistake. I‘m fine with that then.

Thanks for your great job!

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Hello, could there be the same issue with the wallplugs NAS-WR01ZE?
they’re ,marked in HABmin to delete. When i reinclude, they’re unknown.

I have never seen that . Any screenshots?

shown like this, no details available.

Saw liked this too, but don’t know if had been same things. Just waiting for stable update with new database

2.5.2? That would be next next stable update for addons.
manually installing a zwave snapshot binding is not too difficult. I think the install script has even been fixed but I have not tested it since 2.5.0.