After Upgrade to 4.1 Logging broken

Hello everyone.

I have updated to version 4.1. Now I get no more log entries. Not for openhab and not for events either.

When I log into the Karaf console and try log:display, I get the error message
openhab> log:display
Error executing command: Unrecognized configuration.

Same for e.g. tail, get etc.

However, the config file log4j2.xml seems to be OK (is present and unchanged).

What could be the reason? Anyone have an idea what I could test?

Info: I run openhab as docker container on a synology nas.

Take a look at

Might be same issue

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Thanks for your relpy.
No, unfortunately this is not the error. “org.ops4j.pax.logging.cfg” is empty (as it shoud - I asume). :frowning:

It should NOT be empty

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Sorry, my missunderstanding. :expressionless:



inside the file fixed it immediately.